Sunday, April 8, 2007

Would You Buy A Dunkin' Donuts Cup for $2,000 This Guy Did

Can you believe the fun just never stops or at least the craziness just never stops on eBay. I was looking around the website to find interesting things to sell on eBay and trying to find great soruces of products to sell and I found this interesting book called Side Show Auctions. Well this little guide looks fun and very interesting and it is tapping into an on going crazy phenomena of selling qierd, and unique items on eBay.

About six months back I read about a guy who sold a coke can for like 200 dollars or something. The top had blown off of it and the coke inside was "mysteriously" gone. Anyway a coke can for $200 seems like just about enough.

Then today I read about another auction. This one is a guy who sold a Dunkin' DOnuts (popular chain donut store) for over $2,000. Not only that this was not just one person that was crazy and over bid or made some stupid mistake. No this auction had a total of 35 bids! Can you believe it. Check out the $2,000 Dollar Dunkin' Donuts Cup right here it has been added to eBay's archieve section so everyone can see it.

So what do you think? Just plain stupid or marketing genuis? I guess it depends on what side of the fence you are on. As a eBay seller I think wow I want to do that. The upside profit potential onthis one item is enough to make your head spina nd I think about hte marketing genius of this guy! Which of course leads me to be interested in Side Show Auctions. So if you get a chacne check it out and let me know what you think of either the Dunkin' Donuts guy or The Side Show Auctions

Anyone else have a razy product that sold for some insane amount?

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Welcome To Sell On eBay

One of the biggest questions that I constantly hear from friends and co workers after telling them I sell on eBay is what do I sell. You see many people have thought about starting an eBay business and they want to sell something to make a little extra income. Or they are already selling but not very profitably and they are looking for good profitable products to sell.

So I decided to start a blog about what to sell on eBay and help answer some of these questions. Of course the tricky part about this blog is I am not going to give you some magic profit pill and simply tell you sell product "A" or porduct "X" for this much and you will make this much etc. It is really not that simple. Say I did make a recommendation of or an exact product to sell. You could probably sell a few for a profit but the market would quickly become flooded and too many people would be selling this same product and you would lose all of your profits. Instead this blog will take a look at all the possibilities and offer as many ideas as possible to hopefully help you locate something that works for you. Each person is individual and as many sellers are on eBay there are just as many profitable and unique systems for selling and just as many product and business models.

So instead of handing you the magic profit bullet and giving the products to you on a silver platter I will instead give you lots of ideas of profitable niches and business models and from these you can develop your own unique business that will work best for you.

Anyway hope you enjoy the blog, come back often, bookmark the site and enjoy while you are here.